Presidential Business Cards – 100 pc. printed individually [Personalize online]


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If you ever wondered who makes the business cards and letterheads of presidents, meet Otello. The ‘letterpress’ fonts (Typographic print in composition with lead characters) leave a unique mark on the premium-grade paper as each business card is singularly pressed for each color. 

The printing machines are of the pre-digital age to have the power and sheer weight to lightly tap each card with ink. The process makes each card slightly different from the other.

In plain language, the ‘touch’ and texture of a business card made by Master Artisan Otello is going to be recognized by any expert hand across the world. Usually accompanied by a nod of approval. 

We offer a quick-product personalizer with three types of paper, five of the classic ‘letterpress’ fonts, and three color options. The process of composition is a completely manual remnant of the almost lost ‘art of typography’. 

Logos must be sent in ‘vectorial format’ for excellent results. Logos are printed in digital (with optional free thermal relief printing) for +90 €. 

‘Dry Stamps’ are etched in a block of lead by a specialized Master Artisan. Being in lead, it can be used for thousands of prints. For ‘dry-stamp’ options please contact us after the order. 

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