Appliqué Lamp gilded in 24K gold by Master Artisan Daniele [Made just for you – Gilded with 24K gold – Free personalization]


This wall applique is made to order by Master Artisan Daniele who made the Tondo Doni. It is gilded with 24K gold leaves using the traditional Florentine technique of the ‘guazzo’. It is one of the three models that will be available in the coming months. Due to the time is takes to hand carve each lamp, quantities available are limited.

[Artisan collaboration] The shades are made by Master Artisan Leonardo. We have asked him to commemorate Sean Connery and his most well-known character the secret agent 007, James Bond. Other shades, with more classical themes, will be available in the future. 

[Unique piece – Made just for you – Free personalization] The appliqué lamp is made just for you, as such, you can ask for any color or finish for free. 

[Membership advantage] Our team periodically peruses proposals by emerging designers, feel free to submit your ideas. Selected projects recognize a percentage to the designer/artist.

[Details] It comes with two arms and can be connected to any country’s electrical system. Plug-and-light. 

[Versions] White lampshade in real skin (natural imperfections but will last a century. Or white lampshade with a printed black and white image of Sean Connery (✝ 2020) as James Bond in his first movie, and what has been the longest-running series ever created. 

[Shipping] Shipped by UPS Express where available. Trackable. Worldwide insured delivery. The preparation takes between 2 and 4 weeks and more with personalization. Please get in touch to coordinate the dates. 

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