Perfect and unique copy of the ‘Tondo Doni’ by Michelangelo – [Museum Quality – Unique piece]


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A perfect, lifesize, unique copy of the ‘Tondo Doni’. The painting is a perfect copy of the painting by Michelangelo, who also designed the intricate frame. Three Master Artisans visited the Uffizi gallery once a week for a year to accomplish this incredible feat. 

We have included some details from Wikipedia on the original ‘Tondo Doni’ in the Uffizi. 


“The Doni Tondo, is the only finished panel painting by the mature Michelangelo to survive and it is believed to be the only existing panel picture Michelangelo painted without the aid of assistants. 

The painting is in the form of a tondo, meaning in Italian, ‘round’, a shape which is frequently associated during the Renaissance with domestic ideas. […] One of the ways in which the painting depicts a “good marriage” is by the seemingly “reciprocal action” of the handling of Jesus between Joseph and Mary.” 

As such, it is a ‘Domestic’ painting in a religious style an absolute masterpiece. 

Year: circa 1507
TypeOil and tempera on panel


[Museum Quality] The painting (painted by Michelangelo before the Sistine Chapel) and the frame (originally designed by Michelangelo) are both what we call ‘Museum Quality’.  

[Artisan collaboration] The painting has been executed by a Florentine painter, creating a perfect copy of Michelangelo (within reason obviously) and a Florentine Master woodcarver.

[The finish] The frame has been gilded ‘a guazzo’ with 24K gold from Manetti Battiloro company of Florence (providers of pure gold for 400 years). The ‘guazzo’ technique uses pure gold leaves glued with fish glue, polished with sharkskin and agate stone tools as tradition requires. 

[Unique piece] This is a unique piece (excluding the original in the Uffizi Museum).

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