‘Ironic Technology’ Acquaforte print [Limited Edition of 100 – Etched on a copper plate and printed individually – Signed and numbered]

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Our Master Artisan has come up with a fantastically unusual theme because it is most definitely technological and contemporary, yet it is handmade one by one and optionally even colored by hand. Each print collection is made up of a hundred numbered pieces, after which the copper plate on which it is etched by the artisan/artist becomes consumed. No need to worry as it is noticeable to the naked eye only in the last few, but obviously, the best prints are the earlier ones, first come first served. 

We offer two prints that make a set based on the style of the famous Diderot Encyclopédie which, as a precursor to Wikipedia, tried to catalog and explain human knowledge. The theme in this set is the irony behind the technology which we take for granted now but forget in the near future. While the reference to the iPhone 6-8, arguably the most beautiful of the versions according to the artist, is an easy reference point, the Moka coffee machine is a more Italian, European, and Latin American one. A classic of design by the Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 and it is exhibited at the MOMA of New York. It is less well known for being one of the first uses of plastic (Bakelite) which was successful in homeware design. Named after the Yemeni city of the same name, which was a port arrival for coffee shipments. Source: Wikipedia

All colorings are also made by hand and one-by-one. Frames can be personalized in any way and with the client’s initials, symbols, or coat of arms. 

[Limited edition] 100 total pieces – 60 available as of November 2020.

[Details] Measure of printed image : 22,5 x 36,5 cm (8.6 x 14.4 in.), Measure paper: 35 x 50 cm (13.8 x 19,7 in.)

[P.s.:] The last two prints in the gallery are by Diderot. 

[Shipping] Worldwide insured Express shipping available with UPS. 

[Versions] Signed and numbered by the Artist / Artisan.

‘Ironic Technology’ – ‘The iPhone Explained to Posterity’, 

‘Ironic Technology’ – ‘The Moka Coffee Machine Explained to Posterity’ 


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