Get a quote for Repairs from qualified Master Artisans – Leather/Wood/Metal


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General repair costs are based on the level of difficulty:
  • 45, – € / hour. for normal work and materials
  • 60, – € / hour. for very difficult work or with very expensive materials
  • 75, – € / hour. for very difficult work and very expensive materials
  • 90, – € / hour. for working on luxury items or particularly unusual projects
We will match your request with three (3) qualified Master Artisans for a nominal fee of 10 € + tax. The VAT (or sales tax) is a transit item on which we earn nothing and remit to the tax office. 
Additional pictures and further details might be required. Full refund in case of impossibility of repair. 
Services include but are not limited to:
  • professional polishing of silverware
  • nanoparticle protection of silverware
  • repair of antique silverware
  • repair of leather bags or accessories
  • repair or restoration of wooden furniture
  • repair or restoration of frames
  • re-gilding with agate stone, sharkskin polishing 
  • repair of jewelry 
  • we cover most materials…


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