Get a quote for embroidery with silk, pure gold or silver.


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General embroidery costs are based on the level of difficulty:
  • 30, – € / hour. for normal work and materials
  • 50, – € / hour. for very difficult work or with very expensive materials
We will match your request with three (3) qualified Master Artisans for a nominal fee of 1 € + tax. The VAT (or sales tax) is a transit item on which we earn nothing and remit to the tax office. 
Additional pictures and further details might be required. 
Services include but are not limited to:
  • embroidery of pillows, bedsheets, table linen
  • initials, custom pictures, heraldic signs

  • embroidery of leather
  • embroidery with organic threads
  • embroidery with silk threads
  • embroidery with pure gold or silver threads


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