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Celebrating 100 years of James Bond: secret compartment travel bar



Ian Flemming, himself a secret agent, created the hero of the longest running movie series of all times. James Bond 007, was born a 100 years ago. Never drunk but always sipping on a strong Martini, he was an example to generations. 

We have teamed up with local Master Artisans who work leather to the highest degree, and with an artist specialised in chiseling silver and gold. 

Please stay tuned for the project details. Being an artisanal product, full personalisation is possible, in term of spaces, drawers, drinks, cooler, bottles and so on. The outside will be premium grade leather of your choice, metal finishings in chiseled silver, inside covered by mirrors and suede. 

The secret compartment with chip-card or other opening systems. Needs can be stated after order and in the crafting process. 

The project is limited to 10 numbered and signed pieces to be delivered for Christmas 2021. Lifelong guarantee applies. 

If the project is of larger interest, we are able to increase production by changing the wooden structure (made exceptionally resistant and noble cherry tree wood) to the super light combination of carbon fibre and kevlar. This would make the trunk extremely light and easily shippable but bullet and shatter resistant. This operation is possible only if a second target of 100 pieces is reached because of the high cost of carbon fibre technology. 

The usual options for personalised and hand cut crystal glasses, leather bound shaker sets and so on will be available on the client page.

The pre-sale will be open until the 15 of November 2020. Full refund will be issued if target order is not met. For Christmas 2020, a congratulation package will be sent out with samples and description of options. 

Peso 50 kg


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